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Joe Challburg
Sep 09, 2017
My condolences go out to Mike's family for your loss. Mike was a very loyal friend of mine in the Army and definitely had an aura about him that was much larger than what you could see. He never backed down from any challenge and was always there for me as a friend, as well as for many others. He was always smiling, cracking jokes and dancing, and was insanely strong. When I was out with Mike I knew I was going to have a good time, maybe a little bit of trouble, but definitely a good time. One day at a swimming pool in Germany, Mike climbed up a high dive platform, like three stories high, shouted for us to look and did the coolest looking triple somersault I had ever seen in person. H...e just had the courage to do anything. I am sorry that Mike is no longer here to share his enthusiasm for life with everyone he cared for. Mike will be greatly missed.Read more
Deann Rehberg Levesque.
Sep 09, 2017
I am so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Uncle Dayle and Uncle Sam
Sep 09, 2017
Since I first laid eyes on you and through out the years Michael, you had a solid heart. Always our wingman, you loved Sam and I unconditionally. Not a pretentious bone in your body or soul. In today's world, that's a rare trait. But one you personified. Michael, you're still Iron Mike to Sam and I. Strangely, it doesn't feel like you're "gone" at all to us. I guess you just had that quality to cement yourself to people you loved and loved you in return. Like an old pair of cutains, you're gonna hang around for a while in the windows of our minds. Never goodbye, it's just, "See ya later!" I have no doubt. None at all.💗 Uncle Dayle and Uncle Sam

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